As a first generation college student, my educational journey has been impacted most by those teachers and mentors that made math more accessible for me and gave me the confidence to be where I am today. My experiences keep me mindful about ensuring each student grows as an overall learner and mathematician along with being submersed in a positive and enlightening mathematical environment. Every class brings a unique set of students, each which bringing a diverse set of expectations and experiences to the forefront. Because of this, my teaching and approach is adaptable and fluid, maximizing the potential of every learner. Continuing my work towards a more equitable mathematical community and towards helping students believe in their ability to do math, as an educator, I aim to challenge the usual preconceived idea of math as an innate trait.

Office hours: 

Tuesday 12:15pm-1:15pm, Mieklejohn Hall 3051

Wednesday 1:00pm-2:00pm, Student and Faculty Support Buidling 555

Courses currently teaching:

Math 118E-Math for the Arts and Humanities

Math 115E-College Algebra

Math 620-Graduate Algebra